Llahn Hah’s career in design began with her education in fashion design (Parsons The New School for Design) followed by extensive work experience in the fashion industry. It is through her work in this field that she understood good fashion as an integrative art of excellence in parts. Hence Llahn complimented her design interest with further education in footwear design (London colleage of Fashion) as well as jewellery design and gemstone assessment (GIA).

This exhibition is designed to showcase one element of Llahn Hah’s integrative art: Llahn Jewellery. Llahn Jewellery is about continuity of classic tradition into the future and the integration of this theme into contemporary jewellery design. This idea adopted from the theory of art is explored through a disciplined study of the past to understand the qualities in classic jewellery designs that have survived the test of time and to forge these qualities into contemporary pieces making Llahn Jewellery a collection of contemporary classic with disciplined original themes.

The ‘contemporary’ element in Llahn Jewellery is a dynamic idea drawing design inspirations from almost everything that life offers us. However, one theme that the collection explores is colour as a subjective energy reflecting the feeling of the wearer and influencing the mood of the viewers thereby forming a social engagement that is always original and therefore contemporary.